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About Us

CorBec Management Group has been providing Property Management, Leasing and Real Estate services for more than 35 years.

Our Team has experience in managing conventional and bareland condominiums in all styles including high-rise, low-rise, townhome, carriage homes and duplexes, while providing a wide range of accounting, administration and financial services. The value that we bring to your Condominium Corporation is extensive education and the expert experience in understanding that each property and client are unique.

We work closely with the Board of Directors, taking direction from the Board to assist in all matters relating to condominium governance. We will deliver service options that best match the needs of your property. CorBec’s core beliefs are hard work, honesty and effective communication which are the keys to achieving success!

We support our team to continue to develop personally and professionally, providing them with ongoing educational opportunities, in-house training, participation in industry events and memberships with professional associations.


Laura Lindbeck

Owner/Property Manager

Laura has considerable expertise with property management for more than 8 years, with in-depth knowledge of the Condominium Property Act rules and regulations. Laura has managed a variety of condominiums and is well known in the industry by her colleagues for her positive attitude, willingness to share knowledge, strong ethics, attention to detail and setting a high standard for personal goals. Laura completed her property management certification with the Canadian Condominium Institute and stays heavily involved in all areas of the industry with goals of lifelong learning and staying committed to volunteering her time to advance her education and support the needs amongst related organizations.


Corinna Clark


CorBec’s leading Business Development Entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in real estate, contract law, consumer relationships, real property law and related legislation, employment standards, brokerage trust accounting, real estate and Condominium Property Act rules and regulations. Corinna has worked in real estate for over 10 years as a standing member with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), as well as in the property management and leasing industry for more than 5 years. Corinna has proven excellent work ethics by always maintaining high quality standards in customer service.


Mary Jo Downs

Owner / Leasing Manager / Realtor

CorBec’s expert Leasing Manager with decades of knowledge and strong experience in real property law and related legislation, contract and leasing laws, consumer relationships, property valuation, market trends, strong understanding of the Condominium Property Act, Landlord & Tenant Act and Real Estate Act, as well as diversity in construction and project management. Mary Jo has been a long-standing, active member with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) since 1997. Mary Jo’s experience in sales, rentals and renovations have given her a hands-on approach to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Wayne Downs

Maintenance Supervisor

CorBec’s Maintenance Supervisor started his career in Real Estate achieving a high level of success for 27 years. Taking some time away from the business to help family and friends with there maintenance needs Wayne brings the same level of strong work ethics to his role as maintenance supervisor for Corbec. Wayne’s strong interpersonal skills, his attention to detail and hands on approach to problem solving make him an excellent addition to the CorBec Team.

  • RECA – Real Estate Council of Alberta

    (Active member since 1997)

  • AREA – Alberta Real Estate Association

  • REIX – Real Estate Insurance Exchange

  • CREA – Canadian Real Estate Association

  • AREF – Alberta Real Estate Foundation

  • CCI – Canadian Condominium Institute

    (Active member since 2012)

  • Members of St. Albert Chamber of Commerce



To serve our clients with care, integrity, and knowledge in the performance of our duties and obligations. Our commitment to you is to professionally and efficiently manage your home while enhancing the lifestyle of your community.