Connect with CorBec – our CORE beliefs are due diligence, hard work, honesty and effective communication--the keys to achieving success!

The Corbec Group

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Turn Key Management

A seasoned management team that can hit the ground running in all areas of the industry

Passionate Perspective

We ACT with integrity, consistently fostering an open dialogue through candid, direct, collaborative meetings with Boards.  You will receive active commitment and involvement by our experienced property managers and professional real estate agents keeping you informed of your property.


Focus on Long Term Relationships

We understand how vital maintaining communication is.  Corporations benefit when they can conduct business in a predictable and consistent manner.  CorBec will ensure to exceed client expectations by consistently offering timely and professional services to the Boards, Owners, and Residents.


The Team at CorBec Management Group is a locally owned fully licensed Brokerage, specializing in full service Property Management, Leasing and Real Estate services with over 35 years of experience. The value we bring to your Condominium Corporation is education and expert experience in understanding that each property and client are unique!  We have extensive knowledge in managing a wide range of property portfolios in all styles, including high-rise, low-rise, townhomes, carriage homes and duplexes, providing a wide range of financial services.  We support our team to continue to


  • Thorough market assessment for potential rental income

  • Advertising

  • Screening all potential applicants

  • Showing potential applicants (days, evenings, weekends)

  • Handling move-in/out inspections

  • Collecting rent and directly depositing money into your bank account

  • Carrying out all collections, eviction procedures and court attendance

  • Corporate Administration

  • Fiscal Management

  • Supervision of common property maintenance

  • 24-hour direct emergency contact

  • Prevention maintenance  programs

  • Liason with engineers, auditors, solicitors, and industry consultants

  • Board meeting support

  • Records and correspondence

  • Bylaw information


We understand your condominium community will go through challenges, let us help you grow through challenges!

The Corbec Group

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Management Services
Condominium Management Services

develop personally and professionally, providing them with ongoing educational opportunities, in-house training, participation in industry events and memberships with professional associations. A value in this service is giving owners piece of mind that all aspects of managing their condominium is handled through a development of best practices within the industry, while staying current and up to date with  legislation governing condominiums today. We embody values of trust, professionalism and integrity”

Laura Lindbeck

Owner/Property Manager

Corinna Clark


Mary Jo Downs

Owner / Leasing Manager / Realtor

Wayne Downs

Maintenance Supervisor

​Chad commented the other day that both of you are so nice to talk to, polite and easy to work with. I stated that I have had the exact same experience and share the same opinion. 

If you are ever wondering or questioning how you sound to your clients, I am confident their experience is the same. So, if you are ever having a bad day or you are questioning yourselves with regards to how you sound to those you are working with….always remember this…You are amazing people to work with! 

I just had to tell you this. Have a fantastic weekend!

ActOn Financial

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